Jump Start My App+ -

Let's Work Together to Create Your App!

$1600 /day
Duration: 2–10 days

What is included?

We will match you with the best people and resources who will work with you and your team for 2-10 days to create your mobile app. This includes:

Phase 1 is to spend the time understanding and designing your app for Corporate Central. Typically ½ day to a day.

Phase 2 is to jointly develop your app using a daily rapid development and feedback cycle. 1½ – 9 days.

Who needs the Corporate Central Jump Start?

The Jump Start is ideal for projects that have reasonably well defined requirements for an app and a customer side point contact. We need to work together to set your app project for success while making the most from the power of the Corporate Central platform, given the time allotted for developing your app.

The customer should assign a point contact who will make decisions. This contact should have a good understanding of the needs of the app and the business case. The point contact should be available to work at least 2 hours per day on the project.

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