Make Apps and Publish to the Application Store

Our App Maker is just the beginning – Publish Apps to all Major App Stores including the Cloud Portal Application Store

Make mobile apps, and also download ones that have been created from the Cloud Portal Application Store

Make Apps that are Standards Based

Corporate Central apps are web standards based so there are no downloads necessary and keeping your applications up-to-date is so much easier. Developers are constantly improving their Corporate Central apps and you always have the latest versions.

Make Apps and Require No Downloads

No more downloads, updates and time consuming installations. Click once to instantly add any app to your Cloud Portal™ and access all your apps using almost any device on the planet. You can login and work with your apps from anywhere. It's that easy.

Make Apps and Publish Easily

Put a dent in the universe. If you already have a web app, you can publish your app in the Application Store. If not, we recommend that you create your app using WAG™ Web Application Generator. Submit your application to the Application Store and it will be reviewed in one business day.

Publish Apps Instantly

Once approved, your app is made available for users to discover through the Corporate Central Application Store. Your app can perform any function, from business to entertainment and anywhere in between. Users can submit ratings and reviews for your app and popularity equals success.

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