Online CRM with Continuous Differential Data Sync

The data to manage all your relationships - in one place

With Continuous Differential Data Sync, you can have all the data needed to manage all your relationships in one place. Data from all your favorite data sources is continuously synced into TRM™ and made available to you via TRM™ user interfaces that you can customize. Easily configure sync jobs from your favorite online data sources such as oData, genomes, salesforce - whatever your data source may be; and from your corporate data sources such as data from your Human Resources and ERP system, LDAP directories and corporate databases. TRM™ automatically cross references data from separate sources for you based on the rules you define and assigns them globally unique identities that you can use to identify a data record across multiple sources.

Of course, you can use all you TRM™ data in Corporate Central. Place a customer list dropdown in your WAG™ application; automatically create user accounts for your contacts that match a certain criteria in EUM™ deliver your users all your applications, calendars and event notification via a single sign-on via Cloud Portal™ - you'll discover endless possibilities for using the data that you always wanted to put together.

Online CRM Software is just the start - TRM™ is a major evolutionary step forward from other CRM's.


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