Relationship Manager with Virtual Environments

Parallel Universes, Connected

TRM™ Virtual Environments let you manage substantially different types of relationships while enabling role based access to each virtual environment and flexible data sharing between virtual environments based on user needs and job function. The data for all your relationships is now in one place, managed.

You can fully customize each virtual environment for varying types of relationship management such as relationships with customers and prospects, employees, vendors, partners, investors, job applicants, help desk... you get the idea... any type of relationship. Virtual environment customization includes everything - user interface, data sync jobs, marketing campaigns, permissions, data sharing between virtual environments and much more.

Sharing settings are flexible so you can address the widest range of sharing possibilities. Users get access to one or more virtual environments based on their role. Specify data sharing preferences between virtual environments so different users and groups can access and share the data they need while being able to live and work within their own virtual environment.


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